The Hailey Cain novels

haileyswar-fade-shadowTwenty-three-year-old Hailey Cain is going nowhere fast. A bike messenger on the chaotic streets of San Francisco, she’s trying to outrun her failure to graduate from West Point, as well as the tragic accident that forced her to leave Los Angeles.  


When an old friend calls asking for a favor, it seems like an easy task: drive a naive teenage girl home to her family’s village in rural Mexico. But on an isolated highway, Hailey and her charge drive into a calculated ambush by heavily-armed men. Hailey is shot. The girl disappears.


When Hailey recovers, the only thing she knows is that she knew nothing about the girl’s true motives in getting home to Mexico. The smart thing for Hailey to do now is to go home and stop thinking about it. But Hailey is done with doing the smart thing, the safe thing, the easy thing. Instead, Hailey goes on a mission for answers … and for justice.


thieves-modified-shadowHailey Cain is back in Los Angeles after a battle with a powerful organized-crime figure which nearly got her killed. Now, Hailey’s carved out a life on the wrong side of the law, as the second-in-command to her old friend, the rising gangster Serena ‘Warchild’ Delgadillo.  


But just as Hailey’s slipped off the authorities’ radar, disaster: A double homicide in San Francisco, with all evidence pointing to her as the shooter.  Hailey knows she was in Los Angeles the night of the murders, but she can’t prove it, nor can she prove her theory about who stole her identity and how.  And since one of the murder victims was an SFPD officer, stepping forward and revealing herself to the police isn’t just unwise, it could be fatal.  


There’s only one thing to do: with Serena at her back, Hailey goes on the road again, north to track down a killer and reclaim the one thing she still has of value: her good name.