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House, Holmes and Hailey

Or, Why I consider Sherlock Holmes
the grandfather of Hailey Cain

Note: This essay contains a significant spoiler for Hailey’s War and a more minor one for Thieves Get Rich, Saints Get Shot.

 It’s difficult to imagine two fictional investigators further apart in character than Sherlock Holmes and Hailey Cain.  Holmes was the son of country squires; Hailey the daughter of blue-collar California.  Holmes pursued criminals through the fog of 19th-century London; Hailey through the ‘overheated sprawl of Los Angeles’. Holmes played the violin in his Baker Street flat; Hailey probably downloads MP3s.  Holmes’s best friend was a righteous British Army doctor; Hailey’s is a Latina gangbanger.

So it’s going to take some explanation how Sherlock gave rise to Hailey.  Continue reading House, Holmes and Hailey